Turn an old TV cabinet into an (awesome!) Kid’s Kitchen

All children love to play in toy kitchens, and if you are going to have something in your home for 5+-years, then you want it to be good quality!! Here is an awesome way to give an old TV cabinet a new lease on life! http://www.ehow.com/info_12340191_before-after-turn-old-cabinet-kids-kitchen.html


Fun Easy Halloween Decor

I love to “craft”, but I consider myself a lazy crafter. I’m definitely not a perfectionist, and I like projects to be on the short side. However, I still find it incredibly satisfying to make things from scratch. Here are some ideas for a few Halloween projects I did around the house. I did all this in less than an hour, and most of that time was spent waiting for the paint to dry on the tomb! Also, I was able to do these crafts with everyday items we already owned: a random cardboard box, a bit of finger paint and random paper. These homemade touches added some fun energy to the store-bought decor, and my child enjoyed helping me! Happy decorating!


You are NEVER to Old to Learn and Grow

I feel like this article is one of the greatest gifts you can share with ANYONE OF ANY AGE. You can always learn, grow and change your life!