Great Tips for Camping

Camping season is upon us!  In fact, I just returned from a lovely weekend camping trip with about 80-people that was super fun. The best thing about 95-degree desert weather?  There’s nothing to do but hang out and talk with your friends, or catch a snooze on the floor of your tent. It was a very relaxing weekend.

In the spirit of the season, here is a fun list of 18 Camping Hacks that has some pure genius mixed with some pure horribleness (is that a word?). The worst tip is to cook all your meals in aluminum foil. Personally I never cook with aluminum foil because of the possible role with Alzheimer’s.  Other bad tips include #4 which is gross and will keep me from ever popping a wayward chip of this brand into my mouth again and #5.

However, #2 is pure brilliance (and I bet delicious) and I will definitely try on my next trip, #3 is a great way to add light to your tent without lugging a lantern, #13 is a great non-toxic DIY bug spray and #15 and #17 are also awesome.

Hope you have a great time this summer. If you’ve never gone camping, why not be spontaneous and see what’s available in your area the next time you have a couple of free days. is a great place to start.

Happy Camping!

Check Nursery Plants for Unwanted Pesticides

CHECK YOUR PLANTS for unwanted pesticides!!! I picked up some new succulents to plant and they have this seemingly innocent tag in their soil (that I’ve never seen before). This type of insecticide is being attributed to some of the honey bee population decline. The succulents will be returned promptly to their nursery.

Free Books for Kids from Dolly Parton

Here is a wonderful service that Dolly Parton provides: free age appropriate books for kids that are mailed directly to their home. It’s only available in areas that have an affiliate organization running the program, but you can be the person who brings it to your community! Thanks Scott for the heads-up!

TED talk: Frugal Innovation

This is one of my favorite TED talks. The key takeaway: how can you utilize that which is plentiful to gain access to that which is not? For Southern Californians like me I’d say “how can we use solar power to create water?” Giant solar stills maybe?

Plastic Beads in Toothpaste too????!!!! #BanTheBeadNow

I don’t understand how companies can be putting plastic beads into their dental, face and body products, KNOWING that the beads will end up in the ocean, and not be considered polluters. If a private citizen were to throw the plastic microbeads into the gutters or ocean we would be fined or penalized according to our local laws, so what is going on here?

I’m personally going to be adding the hashtags #BanTheBeadNow and #BoycottTheBeadNow on every Facebook post I make until these plastics are removed from products, and I invite you to do the same to RAISE AWARENESS about tha issue. If you have a product that has the word “polyethylene” in the ingredients list, please stop purchasing it!

For more on this visit my previous post on the issue Maine is facing in its fisheries because of these plastics and also check out this post about the beads in toothpaste:





Chemical Combinations to Avoid

I try to always dissuade people from cleaning with chlorine bleach (aka bleach) in general but especially in their toilet because I can just imagine people dumping it (without flushing) and create a toxic gas because they’ve unknowingly blended ammonia (in their urine) and chlorine. 

Check out this cool post about some other bad chemical combinations you may be making.