Easy Earring Organization Hack

When my daughter started playing with my bowl of earrings I needed an earring organization option that would move my jewelry out of her reach ASAP. 

So I ran to my “miscellaneous hardware” box and found a random length of chain. Then I grabbed some aluminum/steel push pins, which I use instead of nails for everything from hanging artwork to having a handy place to hangup my dog’s leash, and simply hammered the chain into my closet wall. 

I had my closet lined with wood for easy hardware installation so you might have to use drywall anchors and screws, etc, if you can’t find a stud to hammer into. 
I’ve loved the ease this hack has allowed me of visually taking in all my earrings at once so much that it’s become a permanent part of my closet. I also love the industrial/creative look. It’s not fancy but it works brilliantly and cost $0 which are always signs of a good hack. 


Apparently I Am An Agathist

If you are a logophile (lover of words) then the English language is a treasure trove as it has the most words of any language. English borrows from so many other languages that it is a panoply of sounds and spellings. 

Here is a fun list of 15-not-so-common words that I was introduced to by a Toastmasters colleague of mine. If you could be impavid with your use of them I am sure that your duende would multiply greatly. Or at the very least you might get a date with a fellow logophile! Thanks Peter for the tip!


Seeing Things Differently

This is a brilliant marketing concept.  I’m always impressed when someone can take something old and give it a new (and insightful) twist. Such as turning a toilet paper roll into a kaleidoscope or a wine crate into a speaker box. 

Watch the “Wonder Woman-esque” spin here. Way to go #Axosoft! You hit it out of the park. Thanks Kim for the tip!

The Science of Changing Your Mind

They say that most of your life is driven by your subconscious mind, the most ancient and hard to change part of your brain. The powerful, subconscious feelings and beliefs you have about people or situations and the actions that you take because of these feelings can almost make you feel like an observer in your own life. However, this great Tedx talk gets into the neuroscience about how you can consciously change your mind and your life in the process. Prepare to have your mind blown!