Cut Junk Mail with Green Dimes free Account

Green Dimes is having a promotion where they will pay you $1 which you can take as cash, as a magazine subscription or have a tree planted in your name. Their basic membership is free. Why not take advantage of the promotion and start cutting your junk mail? Green Dimes premium membership is $20/a year and includes help with cutting catalogs. You can also use Catalog Choice’s free service to stop catalog clutter.

The next mail clutter issue that needs to be tackled? All those self-addressed envelopes that get sent by service providers even when you are paying your bills online. Sometimes they included SASE even when there is no action needed by you! I’ve tried asking vendors if they can stop sending those envelopes and of course the customer service person says they don’t even know who they’d ask about this. Let’s imagine that 1% of the US population has no need for those envelopes. That’s 3-million people. Let’s assume that each of those people receives 5 unwanted envelopes a month (I think I receive about 15). That’s 180 MILLION envelopes going straight to trash or recycle bin. Anyone want to tackle this issue??????

Calculate the Cost (Dollars) of your Commute

I just love this calculator:

It easily calculates the costs of driving your car. When I used to commute to work I took the bus and according to this website saved about $10,000 a year doing so (that’s some major dinero.) Another great way to save money? Drive 55MPH. See this blog about why that is such an awesome way to reduce your carbon footprint by 20% (minimum) and put some serious cash in your pocket too: