Eco-Yoga Event
Sunday, February 8th in Encino, CA

Live in harmony with the environment, starting with yourself! This event is centered around the wisdom that the true essences of yoga and environmentalism are in fact one and the same. The price includes all-day yoga classes, lectures, workshops, and more. Classes will be held outside around the zen-like pool area. Classes will be offered by Lotus Kitty Spin and Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Crystal Yoga and Pilates, Karen Schuman’s Beyond Yoga, Rhonda from Pilates Sports Center, and Bindi Morrish of the Anahata practice. There will also be a number of presentations on green and conscious living. Proceeds will benefit Green Wave Nonprofit. Bring a yoga mat and a reusable water canteen and get ready to expand your mind, stretch your body, and dissolve into the boundless! $20 for all day access. For more information and to purchase tickets or

Untested Chemicals

I just read something really scary that needs to change, so I wanted to post in on the blog in order to put it out there. The paragraph below is excerpted from this month’s FAST COMPANY article on Bisphenol-A (BPA), the synthetic hormone found in a lot of plastics that has been linked to decreased fertility, behavioral disorders (hyperactivity, aggressiveness, impaired learning) and possibly heart disease and diabetes.

“In the United States, industrial chemicals are presumed safe until proven otherwise. As a result, the vast majority of the 80,000 chemicals registered to be used in products have never undergone a government safety review. Companies are left largely to police themselves.”

I was completely struck by this paragraph. I had NO idea that man-made chemicals were given a “innocent until proven guilty” pass. I think this absolutely has to change. Every chemical used in products should be tested. How do we change this?

About Non-stick cookware

A recent question from a customer…thought I’d share my thoughts.

Question: Hi – I was looking for some truly green non-stick cookware. I saw new product at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target that is made with eco-friendly elements but is still Teflon coated. Any suggestions? – Tracy from CA

Hi Tracy,

No such thing as eco-friendly COATED non-stick surfaces.

The greenest thing is stuff that is already out there, and I personally cook 90% with cast iron. The other 10% is glass or ceramic. The great thing about cast iron is that it also deposits trace amounts of iron into your diet, it’s indestructible (you’ll be passing it on to relatives!), and if you go camping you can bring it along. Cast iron, glass and ceramic are all pretty non-stick IF you care for them properly which means lots of seasoning and very little cleaning. When you do clean it’s with warm water almost exclusively and MAYBE a little spongework. I rarely do anything but rinse and dry well (so it won’t rust) my items. More info here:

Cast iron, glass and ceramic also have the added benefit of saving energy because they heat up faster.

Cast iron and glass cooking ware is easy to find used. Check out thrift stores and antique stores (lots of lower end antique stores carry cast iron.)

BTW: cooking with glass is FANTASTIC because NOTHING sticks to it. You can just soak it in water and voila.