New Tax Rebates for Energy Efficient Living


There are lots of amazing new FEDERAL tax rebates (so this is in addition to any state or local rebates you may have at your disposal) that make doing things like insulating your house a NO BRAINER.  And FYI, you can insulate an already existing house with the blown-in cellulose and foam technologies (they make holes in your wall and simply blow it in) so there’s no reason why your house can’t be LOTS more efficient.


Go here to find out about new FEDERAL rebates


For more on state and local rebates go here:


Get a Non-Polluting Electric Lawn Mower Cheap


The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) is conducting a lawn mower exchange program for residents living within its 4-county jurisdiction, which includes all of Orange County, most of Los Angeles County (excluding the Antelope Valley), almost all of Riverside County, and the non-desert portion of San Bernardino County.   This program allows residents to turn in their working gas-powered lawn mower and purchase a new cordless rechargeable electric mower at a discounted price.  The 14” Neuton® which has a retail value of $400 can be purchased for only $100.  The 19” Neuton® which has a retail value of $500 can be purchased for only $160.  The 19” Black $ Decker which has a retail value of $450 can also be purchased for only $160.   These mowers operate for 45-60 minutes on a single charge of the battery, and they come with a rear-mounted bag as well as a mulching kit.