Make Your Own Oil and Egg Replacer

updated: 08/05/09

Raw and Vegan Oil and Egg Replacer

I have long been a fan of a couple of oil/egg replacers that are REALLY
hard to find in stores, so I decided to make up my own and it worked
out spectacularly!

Mix a handful of organic pitted, sun-dried prunes in a powerful blender
(Vita Mix is best) with 1 small skinned/pitted organic fuji apple. Add a
couple of tablespoons of water and blend on high speed. You may need
to add more water depending on the size of your apple.

The ideal color is “café au lait.” For pancakes, I keep the consistency
“foamy” but I sometimes thin with more water if the overall recipe could
use a more liquidy consistency. I think the difference is when you are
using the replacer more as an egg replacer (foamy) versus an oil (liquidy.)

Use same amount of oil replacer as recipe calls for oil, and about ¼ cup
for each egg you are replacing.

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