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Help Strengthen America’s Toxic Chemicals Standards

Targeting: Your U.S. House Representative and Your U.S. Senators

Sponsored by: Environmental Defense Action Fund

Of the 82,000 chemicals available for use in the U.S., only about 200 have been required to be tested for safety.

In fact, the 33 year-old law that is supposed to protect Americans from exposure to toxic chemicals is so outdated that China legally exports toxic materials into the U.S. that are not only banned in Japan and Europe, but can’t even be used domestically in China.

As a result, every American alive today, including newborn babies, has hundreds of chemicals flowing through our blood, some are linked to increases in prostate and breast cancers, diabetes, heart disease, lowered sperm counts, early puberty and other diseases and disorders.

Yet the burden placed on the Environmental Protection Agency under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is so onerous that they have only succeeded in banning one group of chemicals, PCBs, from the marketplace.

It’s time to reform and strengthen TSCA. Please take action to support legislation to protect our families from dangerous toxic chemicals.



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