Stylish Summer Mommy

Just because the majority of my days are spent running after a rug rat, does not mean that I can’t look half-way put together!  This outfit is at the core of my wardrobe: cute and comfortable top, flattering bottoms that don’t restrict my movement and shoes that allow me to run without twisting my ankle.  Add a big piece of jewelry or a cute jacket and voila, you look put together!

THE TOP: This top is great for mommy for a number of reasons.  The tunic-length hides all manner of body issues (muffin-top, booty coverage, whatevs…) and allows you to move freely without worrying about flashing anything you don’t want to flash (whale tail anyone?)  Look for a top in a bright color that suits you…it’ll instantly make you look fresher and happier.  And pick a tunic with some fun details, perhaps beading, buttons or embroidery.  You can’t really tell in the photo, but the hem of this top is intricately embroidered which gives this a definitely step-up over a plain old t-shirt.  I’ve even worn this tunic as a dress with flat sandals and as a bathing suit cover-up.  It’s also a breeze to breast feed in because of the buttons on top.  Here are some that I found on ebay using search words: “cotton tunic embroidery -black -white, Used”

THE BOTTOMS:  Nothing special here…just a flattering dark wash of capris with a zipper detail down the side.  With tunics, be sure to go for a pant that hits somewhere between the knee and the calf.  Unless you are planning on wearing your tunic as a dress, it can look weird to wear short shorts with a tunic unless you get the proportions JUST right.  Also, a more fitted leg is better than a wide leg.  You need to balance the volume of the tunic on top with a narrower pant down below. Here are some that I found on ebay using search words: “cotton capris used” 

 THE SHOES:  I LOVE cute flats.  The pair I’m wearing feel like tennis shoes but have a cute lace pattern and bow on them that dresses them up.  It’s all about the details…  Here are some that I found on ebay using search words: “flats -loafer -flip -crocs -mules -slides -sandal, Pre-owned”

 THE OUTFITS: So you can see I’ve created a jazzier, more colorful version on the left hand side pairing a deep purple, a butter yellow and an acidic green.  The overall effect is casual but fun.  On the right is a more sedate version of the outfit with a subtle floral design on the tunic, some very clean and flattering white capris and then a cute athletic-styled shoe with a funky plaid print to make the whole outfit a bit more va-voom.  Add some fun bangles or a chunky necklace and you are ready to chase after the baby all day long AND STILL look put together.  Happy hunting!


The intersection of Athens and Paris in Summertime

Today I’m rocking what I’ll call “Grecian Chic…”, a little bit Greek goddess and a little bit summer in Paris.

THE DRESS: The 100% cotton pin-striped dress has a lovely crisp fluidity to it that makes it absolutely perfect for hot summer weather.  The belt is a hand-me-down from my mummy.  It’s a beige leather with a gold-tone buckle.  In this outfit it’s important to choose to wear white or yellow metals and then be consistent.  The tone doesn’t have to be consistent (you can mix brass and bronze and gold if you wear yellow), but I feel the yellow vs. white metal needs to be a choice here (not always mind you.)  I’m wearing the belt high because the dress has an empire waist.  Here are some similar dresses I found on Ebay using search words “stripe cotton dress -shirt -socks -jersey”.

THE NECKLACE: is a vintage brass bib necklace that I purchased years ago and wear a ton.  It’s heavy and high-quality and I cherish it.  You can find lower quality necklaces, but be careful, because cheap jewelry tends to look…cheap.  Here are some that I found on Ebay using search words: “vintage brass bib necklace.”

THE SANDALS:  You can wear anything from brown to bronze to gold here.  The key is to pick something that has a hint of Greek goddess without looking costume-y.  Here are some Ebay options using search words: “flat gold sandal”.

THE OUTFITS:  On the left I’ve styled a more romantic, playful version of this outfit.  With its flirty short length and full sleeves, the first ensemble would be perfect for a date or a concert in the park.  On the right is the more conservative, office appropriate option.  Both outfits guarantee that you’ll look and feel fresh AND pulled together no matter how hot it is outside.   Happy hunting!