Family Mission Statment

My hubby and I have recently been listening to Stephen Covey’s “7-Habits of Highly Effective People.” The other day a spiritually-inclined acquaintance of mine asked if by effective Covey actually meant “successful people who do a lot.” It was a challenge for me to explain exactly what Covey meant by effective while in the moment. I find Covey’s own definition of effectiveness as “balance between the production of desired results and the production capability” to be vague. Upon reflecting I can now say that what I have gleaned from the 7-habits is a thoughtful system that allows me to realize my potential in all my roles in life from the mundane to the spiritual.

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In my on-going goals to be the best wife and mother I can be, our family embarked on the voyage of crafting a mission statement. Although I had my own thoughts about how I wanted our statement to be shaped, we decided to do some research first and came across this excellent article by the ART OF MANLINESS blog (best blog name ever!) who’s post was also inspired by Covey!

We decided that we felt a good mission statement would be short and actionable while encompassing as much as possible, much like the Golden Rule. I suggested a “what, what, how” format as in what does our family stand for, why and how can we ensure we are staying on track and really living our mission day-to-day. We didn’t want something solely aspirational, we also wanted the statement to keep us accountable on a daily basis.

Here is our first draft:

Our family is committed to creating an environment of:
-love and cooperation
-generosity and gratitude
-orderliness of mind and space
-fun and positivity

In order to provide each of us:
-the opportunity to realize our full potential
-with an atmosphere of support and abundance
-and create a strong connection to our community and planet

To this end we will:
-strive for optimal health through exercise and nutrition
-make choices that are always mindful of resource conservation
-go to bed at 10 and wake-up at 6
-straighten or fix 1-thing in the house a day
-do something creative or mind-improving daily
-engage in every interaction with kindness and effectiveness
-volunteer regularly
-get outside daily
-have a weekly meeting where we reflect on our interactions

I’d love to hear from other families who have mission statements! I do believe that if you have a destination that you are aiming for, then you need a roadmap to get there and that’s what a mission statement can do for a family. Be a spark in the world!

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