The Importance of Re-Reading

A brief tip for those of you who, perhaps like an earlier version of myself, loved to jump from book to book. Do yourself a favor and re-read your favorites. Until 5-years ago I had never re-read any book in my entire life except for Emma by Jane Austen. I held the false belief that life was too short to re-read, not realizing the great disservice I was doing to myself!

Then I became a student of Jeff Olson and David Byrd and learned that only by reading or listening to something at least 6-times could I hope to be able to say I had meaningfully grasped the concepts presented. Now just to clarify something, I’m talking about non-fiction books here. While I’m sure there may be a benefit to re-reading fiction books as well, I’m concerned here with books that ask the reader to learn something. If you like the concepts presented in a book, then do yourself a favor and read it at least 6-ties (personally my goal is 10-times as I feel I get about 10% of the message with each reading). The same holds true for audio books or notes you’ve taken from a seminar. This principal has helped me immensely in deepening my understanding of many concepts.

One other little tip: keep a book journal or write in the book itself so you have a sense of WHEN you read (or re-read) the book and your overall impression. I used to keep a book journal, but I now find it easier to just write the dates I read the book and a few sentences about what my major takeaways were in the inside front pages of the book itself.

Enjoy and be a spark in the world!

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