Plastic Beads in Toothpaste too????!!!! #BanTheBeadNow

I don’t understand how companies can be putting plastic beads into their dental, face and body products, KNOWING that the beads will end up in the ocean, and not be considered polluters. If a private citizen were to throw the plastic microbeads into the gutters or ocean we would be fined or penalized according to our local laws, so what is going on here?

I’m personally going to be adding the hashtags #BanTheBeadNow and #BoycottTheBeadNow on every Facebook post I make until these plastics are removed from products, and I invite you to do the same to RAISE AWARENESS about tha issue. If you have a product that has the word “polyethylene” in the ingredients list, please stop purchasing it!

For more on this visit my previous post on the issue Maine is facing in its fisheries because of these plastics and also check out this post about the beads in toothpaste:





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