Great Tips for Camping

Camping season is upon us!  In fact, I just returned from a lovely weekend camping trip with about 80-people that was super fun. The best thing about 95-degree desert weather?  There’s nothing to do but hang out and talk with your friends, or catch a snooze on the floor of your tent. It was a very relaxing weekend.

In the spirit of the season, here is a fun list of 18 Camping Hacks that has some pure genius mixed with some pure horribleness (is that a word?). The worst tip is to cook all your meals in aluminum foil. Personally I never cook with aluminum foil because of the possible role with Alzheimer’s.  Other bad tips include #4 which is gross and will keep me from ever popping a wayward chip of this brand into my mouth again and #5.

However, #2 is pure brilliance (and I bet delicious) and I will definitely try on my next trip, #3 is a great way to add light to your tent without lugging a lantern, #13 is a great non-toxic DIY bug spray and #15 and #17 are also awesome.

Hope you have a great time this summer. If you’ve never gone camping, why not be spontaneous and see what’s available in your area the next time you have a couple of free days. is a great place to start.

Happy Camping!

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