Easy Gourmet: Deconstructed Deviled Eggs

If I can find an easier way to do something, I WILL! I love deviled eggs, but the making of them not so much. So I came up with an easier way that now makes them so easy to do you can even make them on the go.  In fact, I made them at the beach the other day.  Here’s what you do:

1. Boil the eggs the day before (I save energy by bringing them to a boil and then turning off the flame and letting them sit in the pot for 10-minutes with the lid on), then rinse them under cold water and put them in the fridge once they are cool.

2. Take the cold eggs and peel them and then cut the eggs lengthwise

3. Put a small dollop (pinkie finger nail size) of mayonnaise on the yolk followed by a smaller dollop of dijon mustard (make the dollops equal size if you like more kick)

4. Sprinkle with smoked paprika (sweet or spicy is your preference)

5. Cut an inch long piece of dill pickle and put it on top and SERVE! (I use the pickles that are sliced thin for sandwiches. They are perfect.)

If you are making them while you are out and about, simply pack the boiled eggs into a hard container (I use a stainless steel tiffin), and then put some mayo/mustard/paprika/pickles into small containers like these. Be sure to bring along a cutting board and some sort of small knife. It’s super easy!

What I love about this recipe is NOT ONLY is it faster and easier than traditional deviled eggs, but because the flavors aren’t whipped together, you can enjoy the different notes separately. “Oh there is the kick, now the smoke and finally the salty dill….YUM.”  My mouth is watering thinking about it.  Enjoy and excuse me while I go boil some eggs!

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