Buy quality and cry once— Buy cheap and cry forever

I’ve always loved this expression. According to one online source, it’s been around in print since the 1920’s and I feel like it is more applicable than ever in this day and age of disposable products.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the expression: what it means is that if you buy a quality product, the price tag will hurt when you make the initial purchase, but then the enjoyment of that product will always make you glad you spent the money. You will literally pat yourself on the back every day and say “that was the best money I ever spent.” In fact, the purchase will probably grow in your esteem over the years as you continue to pat yourself on the back. By the way, when I say “product” I mean something durable such as a piece of furniture, or a tool, or an appliance; something useful.  I am NOT convinced that this adage applies to products that are constantly being obsoleted such as technology devices.

So I was thinking about this saying the other day as I did my grocery shopping, because I have these 3 grocery bags that I love. They are so high quality and heavy-duty, that I’ve had them for 10-years and they still look the same. 

 The cashiers at markets always comment on the quality and I often joke “my child will probably inherit them!” The bags cost me $15 each ($45 total) and easily carry the weight of 2 paper grocery bags. I can usually do all of my grocery shopping with just the 3 of them. Every time I use them I am glad that I spent the money on them because they are well constructed, washable and I know that if they ever fall apart they will just biodegrade back into the earth.

The company that I bought these bags from is no longer around, but you can find all kinds of heavy-duty canvas bags if you do a little searching.

A few tips for when you are shopping around
(or you can go here and see 6-types that I found on Amazon that meet my suggestions)
1)make sure the bags have long handles (easier to lug in my opinion)
2) wide rectangular bases (to fit more stuff in)
3) are made out of 100% cotton/jute/hemp/linen so that they can biodegrade.

Go out and be a spark in the world!

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