Dealing with Cold Sores (aka Fever Blisters) Without Drugs

I’ve been living with cold sores for as long as I can remember. As I child I used to get them around my mouth and in the area between my nose and upper lip. According to WEB MD, about 90% of the American population will get a cold sore at least once in their life, but 40% suffer from them on an ongoing basis.

Cold sores (or fever blisters as they are sometimes called) are a results of having the herpes simplex 1 virus living in your body. Because of the frequency and severity of my cold sores, I was first given medication (Zovirax/Acyclovir) both in oral and topical forms, when I was too young to think about whether or not I wanted to even use them. As I’ve matured and chosen a healthier lifestyle for myself, I began to question whether I wanted to continually put these drugs in my body.

About 6-years ago I decided to go drug-free when dealing with my cold sores, and have created a regimen that has helped me to deal with cold sore outbreaks. Of course I’m not a doctor, so use your own judgement if you decide to experiment with something like this.  When I first got off the drugs, my cold sores increased in frequency and severity.  I was told by a practitioner of homeopathic medicine that this was because the drugs had helped to subdue it, but now my body was trying to figure out how to come to terms with the virus without the help of the drugs.  It took about a year, but I noticed that the severity and frequency of my cold sores had noticeably diminished.

My drug-free cold sore regime

1) Daily doses of probiotics (lots of discounted high-quality options here at and lysine
2) 3-servings a week of full fat greek yogurt (I make my own, and you can get cultures for it here)
3) Plenty of sleep and managing my stress. When my grandfather passed away, there was nothing I could do to manage the cold sores. Stress is a huge factor for me.
4) Before bed I moisturize my lips with Cold Sore Be Gone lip balm, this product is also eco-friendly containing no petroleum ingredients and mostly organic ingredients. I LOVE this stuff!

At the first sign of a cold sore: by following the regime below I am usually able to get a cold sore to HEAL before it scabs (so NO scars!) and they last only 3-5 days instead of 7-10.

1) About 4-5 times a day I put a dab of EcoDent Mouth Rinse on my cold sore RIGHT BEFORE I put Cold Sore Be Gone on. I use Cold Sore Be Gone throughout the day whenever I feel the need. It is both soothing (menthol is cooling to the heat of cold sores) and moisturizing (helps avoid a scab which avoids scarring!) and has topical lysine to help heal your cold sore BEFORE it scabs.
2) Triple my probiotic and lysine dosage and spread it out through the day
3) I eat a tablespoon of yogurt 3-5 times a day
4) When I wash my face to go to bed, I put a bit of Nerium night treatment onto the cold sore and then layer on Miracle Oil. Your body does a lot of healing at night and these two products are incredibly healing with lots of antioxidants.
5) Once those have soaked in I layer on a last treatment of Cold Sore Be Gone

It’s a lot of steps, but it’s worth it. My cold sores are very infrequent now and go away quickly now, and I use no drugs.  YAY!

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My topical arsenal:

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