Baking on the BBQ

During the summertime I try to cook outside as much as possible since it seems silly to warm up the house with the stovetop or oven and then turn on the AC to cool it down! The final frontier for me was BAKING in the BBQ which I finally mastered this summer and WOW is it fantastic. Friday night is always pizza night at our place and we make it from scratch. It’s also one of the only times of the week we eat refined grains at our house, so we really enjoy this luxury!

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This blog post helped me a lot in my thinking about how to proceed with baking the pizzas on the grill. There are basically two important takeaways I’ve learned from baking in my BBQ:

1) The most important thing is to elevate your baking pan so that the heat is surrounding the items you want to bake and not grilling them. We did this by putting some lava stones underneath our baking pan. Voila…indirect heat rather than direct (flames licking the bottom of your baking pan) heat

2) For lower temperature items use only the front and back flames. For higher heat items, like pizza, use the center flames to bump up the temperature to over 550 and then turn it down again as needed. My pizzas cook in 1/2 the time on the BBQ (10-minutes versus 20-minutes in the kitchen oven) but I have to watch them diligently and cheeck them at the 6-8-minute mark.

It’s September 23rd as I write this post and it’s still warm where I live. Fortunately doing all my cooking on the BBQ helps me keep the house cooler!!! I love having options.

Be a spark in the world!

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