Turn your complaint list into your gratitude list

I can’t take credit for this image, and I wish I knew where it came from, but it illustrates a great point. This is how easy it can be to do your daily gratitudes. Take the things that you take for granted and make a twist on them. 

Here is mine:

1. Busy calendar: fullfilling and fun life with lots of friends and family.

2. Grocery bill: access to lots of organic and healthy food options. 

3. Pool to maintain: DUDE I HAVE A POOL, sweet bro!

Wow! Just making this list put a smile on my face. Try it yourself. 

They say if you write about three things that you’re grateful for every day it puts you in a much happier mindset. Give it a try. I love it and this practice above has just made it easier for me.

Be a spark!

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