FREE Inspiring Women’s Business Seminar

DREAMERS Should Apply

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a business, check out what is sure to be an inspiring seminar (I’m one of the speakers *wink, wink*). Register at

Did I mention it’s FREE?

Some Background:

I’m frequently asked to speak on the topic of “why would someone want to be an entrepreneur,” but what was really fun about the wide-ranging interview that Kala conducted with me, was that I got to delve more into the process of starting a business; of taking something from idea to reality.

At her request, I also put together a giveaway with my Top 5 tips for aspiring or new entrepreneurs, as well as my 5 favorite books for entrepreneurs.

If you take part in the summit, you will also be receiving.

  1. A packet of downloads from all of the speakers (not just me), including the exact 5 things you need to focus on now to set your business up for success, before you even start
  2. An invitation to join the private, curated Facebook community for women with a DreamBiz idea. Up until this point, this online community has been by invitation only, but it will now be available to summit participants.

And just to be clear, I’m not a business partner of Kala’s. I’m simply sharing this information because I know Kala’s heart and I’ve seen the quality of events and products that she creates, and I believe in the benefit to society of entrepreneurship for all.