Goal Setting and Rewards

2020 is the year of rewards and I’m loving it! I’ve figured out a way to mesh goal setting and reward giving in a way that works for me. SmartURL.it/ShopAmazon for the books I mention.

Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner - A 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity, Passion, Purpose & Happiness - Happy Weekly Goal Planner, Organizer & Gratitude Journal + Planner Stickers
My beautiful rose gold planner

Here is my favorite planner. They have different covers too, but I love the rose gold cover, it feels like a talisman. It has space to reward yourself on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The combination of rewarding, Marie Kondo‘s belief that every posession should “spark joy”, and Meik Wiking‘s recommendation to tie purchases to achievements in order to infuse more meaning into your possessions has created a way for me to enjoy the process of both goal-setting and (conscious) consumption even more.

Here’s the same planner in black

For instance, I have these mermaid leggings that spark joy in my life, and I would actually miss them when they were in the wash, but it felt indulgent to purchase another pair for no reason. Then I remembered that I had set a goal for the month to meditate four times a week for five minutes a day, and I hadn’t set a reward if I accomplished it. So my reward was another pair of mermaid leggings. Guess what? I blew past by goal, meditating five or even six times a week, and I love my leggings even more because they remind me of how I crushed that goal!

Here are the mermaid leggings I love!

Diamond keep it Women's Mermaid Fish Scale Printing Full Length Leggings (Large, Black Silver)
The mermaid leggings I love!
Marie Kondo’s book

Meik Wiking’s book