Untested Chemicals

I just read something really scary that needs to change, so I wanted to post in on the blog in order to put it out there. The paragraph below is excerpted from this month’s FAST COMPANY article on Bisphenol-A (BPA), the synthetic hormone found in a lot of plastics that has been linked to decreased fertility, behavioral disorders (hyperactivity, aggressiveness, impaired learning) and possibly heart disease and diabetes.

“In the United States, industrial chemicals are presumed safe until proven otherwise. As a result, the vast majority of the 80,000 chemicals registered to be used in products have never undergone a government safety review. Companies are left largely to police themselves.”

I was completely struck by this paragraph. I had NO idea that man-made chemicals were given a “innocent until proven guilty” pass. I think this absolutely has to change. Every chemical used in products should be tested. How do we change this?