Public Speaking: Los Angeles Green Festival

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting at the Los Angeles Green Festival. I’m doing two 3-hour-long workshops (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) based on my blog posts “The Adventures of Science Mom.” I’ll be leading super-fun science experiments, come and see that it’s never too early to teach children about science and sustainability! #EmberLiving #homeschool #sciencewithkids #LAgreenfestival

**Kids 16 and under gain free entry. Seniors and Military receive a discount at the door. Students receive free admission on Friday and receive a discount on Saturday and Sunday at the door. Ride the Metro, snap a picture, and post on social media tagging Green Festival for free entry.

Creatvity: Light-Up Swim Noodle Lightsaber

My little wanted to have a STAR WARS themed party, and I made swim noodle lightsabers for the kiddos which is SO EASY and fantastic. BUT THEN I had an idea that takes the lightsaber to a new level: adding a mini flashlight so that it lights up!

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1. Take a swim noodle and cut it in half with a serrated kitchen knife.
2. Wrap black electrical tape on bottom 4-inches as a “handle”, leave the hole at the bottom open.
3. Add a bit of silver duct tape for accent. I kept it simple with just an “on” switch and a piece at the top covering the black tape.

Check out this video and see how easy it was to do!

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