Recipe: Watermelon Mint, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Spice Popsicles

It’s still super hot where I live, and I was responsible for desserts for a baby shower this weekend, so I decided to make popsicles.  The food being served is Mexican, so I chose watermelon and chocolate as flavors that would complement the food. Plus the watermelon is dairy-free and sugar-free so it’s nice to offer a super healthy option as dessert as well. The recipes below made about 20-watermelon pops and 10-each of the chocolate (so 40-total.) By the way, this is a great way to use up “mealy” watermelon or any fruit where the texture is less than ideal for eating straight.

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For the watermelon popsicles
1-very small watermelon
15-mint leaves

While you transfer the watermelon into a blender, remove any black seeds you see. Blend slowly so you can make sure all the black seeds have been removed, Then add the juice of the lime and the mint leaves and puree until smooth. Fill to 3/4 small drink cups (I use 3-ounce cups). Put in your freezer. Check at 30-minutes and then 45-minutes if they are firm enough to stick wooden popsicle sticks in. Freeze overnight. The next day take a casserole dish and fill with a 1/2-inch of water and put the frozen popsicles in the dish to loosen popsicles. from the cups. Put in cellophane back and twist tie for easy transporation to an event.

For the chococlate popsicles
16-ounces of heavy cream
16-ounces of filtered water
2-bars of Tazo chocolate (one was chocolate cinnamon and the other chocolate chipotle

This recipe is very inexact because apparently I didn’t buy enough chocolate.  Here is what I did (roughly). I put HALF the cream/water mix into a pan with the chocolate cinnamon chocolate.  It was obvious that this wasn’t enough chocolate so I had some chocolate mint hot cocoa mix from Trader Joe’s and I threw in enough of that until you could taste the chocolate.  I put it into a mason jar to cool down and through in some chopped mint leaves left over from the recipe above since the Trader Joe’s mix was giving it a minty taste anyway. Once the cream was cool I followed directions above for making popsicles. The chocolate mint dosn’t really fit the Mexican theme, but I felt like I couldn’t make JUST the spicy version below chocolate since everyone loves chocolate.

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For the rest of the cream and water I though in the VERY SPICY chocolate chipotle. Once it was melted I added straight baking chocolate and a bit of raw sugar until it tasted the way I wanted.  Then I added more cinnamon for a more Mexican feel. When it tasted right I cooled it same as chocolate mint recipe above.

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