Best Water Toy Ever: Cellulose Sponges

There is NOTHING like a good water fight when the weather is hot, and water balloons are fun but ephemeral, and water guns seems to be made SO CHEAPLY nowadays, so I was looking for something that would be fun and reusable. I hit across the very simple and fun idea of cellulose sponges. They are so much fun to throw at people because they carry a satisfying amount of water with them and they aren’t painful when you get hit with them. I have about 14-of them in the pool at any given time, and people young and old love a good water fight! The nice thing about sponges is there is a “give and take” with the game. You might get a sponge thrown at you, but then you have ammo to throw it back, unlike water balloons or water gun. These are the sponges I use.


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Last summer I had a friend from Italy visiting and he keeps emailing me that he “can’t wait to return to your pool for another sponge fight!” Even my 80+-year-old father had a blast with them. When they start falling apart you can just throw them in your garden as fertilizer or in your green compost bin if your city offers them. I find a pack of sponges lasts me at least one but maybe two summers.

You can buy the type of sponges I use here.  These are also great if you don’t have a pool and just get some buckets of water and sponges together!!! Relief and fun on a hot summer day!

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Great No Equipment Workout 

I love workout equipment! We have a pull-up bar, an elliptical machine, a ballet barre, weights, medicine ball and kettle bell, resistance bands, a weight pulley gym machine AND an Indo board. And yet, sometimes you crave doing a workout with nothing but yourself! 

When you feel that desire, grab some water and a towel and get ready to WORK! In this 35-minute no equipment workout (it’s really closer to 33) #ChristineCurry of #GymRa gets you SWEATY and SPENT. I’m definitely saving this to my favorites for future use while traveling. 

Check out just how sweaty I got!

Enjoy and be a spark in the world!