COVID-19 and Home-birth

If you are pregnant and considering a home-birth because of COVID-19, you aren’t alone. See the article below.

Article about increase in home-births due to COVID-19

What I want to say is, even if you didn’t plan to do it this way, it is possible! I had a home-birth and while it’s not my expertise, I’m happy to answer questions and share resources to point you in the right direction.

First thing: do some research because your state might regulate if you can or can’t have a PLANNED home birth (obviously anyone can have an unplanned one…)

Where I live (California) the rules were that you have to “be a low-risk pregnancy” and between 38-42 weeks. Talk to a licensed midwife or certified nurse-midwife and she’ll explain everything. (I’m not a medical professional, this is all just my opinion.) Here are some articles from medical websites about home-birth.

Birth Supplies: BTW, if you are overwhelmed (I hear you!), and want to purchase a “birth kit” so you have the supplies you need “just in case”, there are companies that do that. Here are two:

The “Simply Birth” link is the ACTUAL kit I purchased for myself (if that makes you feel any better…)

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