Public Speaking: Los Angeles Green Festival

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting at the Los Angeles Green Festival. I’m doing two 3-hour-long workshops (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) based on my blog posts “The Adventures of Science Mom.” I’ll be leading super-fun science experiments, come and see that it’s never too early to teach children about science and sustainability! #EmberLiving #homeschool #sciencewithkids #LAgreenfestival

**Kids 16 and under gain free entry. Seniors and Military receive a discount at the door. Students receive free admission on Friday and receive a discount on Saturday and Sunday at the door. Ride the Metro, snap a picture, and post on social media tagging Green Festival for free entry.

For a list of in-store classes and events, please visit our website and search for “CLASSES”

Green Speakers’ Bureau

Green and Greener can help you organize a class on whatever green topic you choose which can be taught in the privacy of your own home. All you have to do is get some friends together and voila, an instant night of green edutainment (that’s education + entertainment.) Our speakers are knowledgeable and engaging; and you and your friends will come away from the events with actionable advice that can help you change your life immediately. Remember that big change comes with many people making little changes, so let us help you on your next little change! ***Event host does not pay for their class attendance.***

General Cost Information

We can customize a class offering that fits your schedule, budget and group size. Below are our 3 most popular options. Please call or email us if you have questions at or 818.358.4313 and ask for Alegre.

1) Single topic class: Choose 1 class topic. 45-minutes of speaking with 30-45 for Q&A or discussion. Approximately 1-1/2 hours of meeting time at $30/per person with a 6-person minimum.

2) Two-Three topic intensive: (our most popular option): Choose 2-3 topics and they will be condensed into a roughly 4-hour period with about 3-hours of speaking and up to an hour of Q&A (there is a short break at the 2-hour mark). Approximately 4-hours of class-time at $60/per person with a 6-person minimum. A savings of 25%.

3) 4 single topic classes over 4-weeks: can be created by choosing four topics from any of our available categories. Each class will have 45-minutes of speaking with 30-45 for Q&A or discussion. Approximately 6-hours of meeting $80/per person with a 6-person minimum. A savings of 34%.

Popular Class Topics

Green and Greener can help you organize a class on whatever green topic you choose. Below are some of our most popular options. If there is a topic that you don’t see listed below, please call or email us at or 818.358.4313 and ask for Alegre and we’ll see if we can arrange it.


-How to compost (both with and without worms)

-Building your soil quality

-Planting and harvesting edible and medicinal plants

-Planning your garden

-Constructing your garden

-Co-planting and natural fertilizing and pest control

-Introduction to native and drought tolerant plants

-Gardening with children (fun for a party, extra cost because of supplies)


-Cloth Diapering

-Natural Childbirth

-Green Pregnancy

-Designing a green nursery


-Attachment parenting

-An introduction to homeopathy and herbs/foods that heal

-Infant massage and bath/body products (including how to make your own)


-Cleaning your house green (Extra cost because of supplies)

-Make your own bath/body products (FUN FOR A PARTY! Extra cost because of supplies)

-Become an educated green/non-toxic consumer (how to save money, your health and the planet!)

-Planning a green remodel

-Vegetarian cooking

-Raw food cooking

-An introduction to common toxins in the household (bath/body, household cleaners and chemicals)

-Eco spa party: try out a variety of eco bath/body products and have mineral make-up applied. Maximum of 5 attendees. (extra cost for supplies)

And many more…Ask us if you have a topic we haven’t listed.