(with clients’ permission, testimonials have been edited for clarity.)

From Kim in Encino, CA: I used the coconut scrub and lotion last night and that smell is to diefor – it’s awesome!

From Velencia in Los Angeles: I wanted to buy some candles but don’t really like strong scents, so Alegre recommended Green and Greener’s California Collection to me. She also told me that once the candles have melted a bit (but the wick is blown out) she liked to use the liquid wax on her hands as a moisturizer and on some of her wood furniture to shine it up. I thought that sounded cool so I ordered a couple. Man…these candles are awesome. First of all, the scent is just perfect. Subtle and clean, not perfumey. I took Alegre’s exprience one step further and when the candle burns down enough so that there is some extra wax I take it and mix in some olive and soy oils that we use for cooking. I then take the mix and use it on my dryest skin: face, ears, hands and feet and it is amazing. One of my candles is the fresh cut herbs scent and it sits by my bed. I find that during the night, with the lid of the candle off (but the wick NOT lit) that the herb scent actually helps me breathe better.

From Kelly in Costa Mesa, CA: The organic cotton hooded towel is the softest, most absorbent towel I have and it’s twice as fluffy as the others as well!

From Brandy in Encino, CA:Thanks for the great advice, it’s always helpful, beneficial and trustworthy!

From Mark in Pasadena, CA: Quality merchandise that is priced right and good for the environment. Offering products and services that are what sustainable living is all about!

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