New E-Articles available for purchase

Over the years I have written a number of articles related to sustainable living.  These have now been repackaged to be available for purchase as e-articles.  They range from 3 – 10 pages in length, and are all written to be accessible to those completely new to these concepts.  E-articles are $5 each or $20 for all of them.

To purchase these articles send an email to with which article(s) you would like. We will then send you a PayPal invoice and then email you the articles when payment has been received. Topics include:

-Cloth Diapering 101: an introduction to cloth diapering and including information about why, how and where to buy

-Guide to Sustainable Party Planning: Tips for planning any party, from a child’s birthday to a wedding, in a more sustainable fashion

-intro to Composting: we talk about the different types of composting, how to start and trouble-shooting tips along the way

-6 R’s of Conscious Consumption:an explanation to the 6-R’s of conscious consumerism and how to employ them in order to have your lightest footprint possible on the planet.

-13 Ingredients to Avoid in Bath and Body products: An in-depth explanation of the 13-ingredients we avoid and why.  This includes a wallet size card you can print out and carry with you when you shop.

-How to make your own cleaning products: this article is a great primer on all of the “parts” of cleaning products (what you need when, where and why) and the non-toxic ingredients you can use to keep your house clean and sanitary.

-Intro to Eco-Friendly Pregnancy:An introduction into some considerations that you may want to take into account before and during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. Tips include how to avoid environmental toxins, dietary ways to prepare your body for pregnancy and tips for caring for a newborn without conventional chemicals.

-Incorporating Sustainability into your Everyday Life: An introduction into how you can incorporate the mindset of sustainable living into your everyday life.  Sustainability is about living in a way that ensures that our planet and species can continue for generations to come, and includes efficient management of resources and avoidance of toxic products.  This short article will explain to you how you can adopt this mindset in order to live a healthier, more economical and more resourceful life.

-Starting an Edible Garden: Growing your own food is fun and leads to healthier eating habits.  This article discusses considerations including where to plant your garden, how to prepare your soil, a discussion of different types of gardening (container, in-ground, raised-bed) and easy ways to get started.