Money Saving Tip: Stock up at Fundraisers

Children’s activities can really add up when you live in a town where the going rate for a 1-hour piano lesson is $60 and a season of soccer can be as much as $220. However, I’ve found a great way to save money by buying up a year’s worth of activities in one night at school fundraisers.

Local area businesses are always donating their goods and services to their neighborhood schools as a way to get the word out, and I’ve saved as much as 75% off by purchasing my child’s activities this way. While it isn’t inexpensive to buy multiple items at once, when you spread it out over what you WOULD have spent over the course of a year the dollars really add up. The key is to only buy things that you WOULD HAVE BOUGHT ANYWAY. I don’t spent money on activities that my child “might” like, just on one’s that I know we were going to do anyway.

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