Pizza Night!

In my house Friday night is pizza night!  I’m a big believer in eating well 90% of the time and then doing whatever you want the other 10%.  We eat very clean most of the week (water with lemon for breakfast, fresh fruit snacks, kale salads for lunch, vegetable-heavy dinner) and then Friday-night and Saturday we go a bit nutty.  Fridays used to be “order a pizza night,” but over the holidays we bought a pizza dough and made our own and it was so fun for our 2-1/2-year-old that we decided to do DIY pizza every week.

For years I’ve been making a no-knead bread recipe that is AMAZING, and I figured that I could modify it a bit to use as a pizza dough.  I simply add 3/4-cup more flour and a bit more water (until shaggy as instructed in the recipe) and it makes a fantastic thin-crust pizza dough.  The one issue with no-knead bread is that it needs to sit at room-temperature (so the yeast will be active), and it’s been pretty cold recently, so I developed this “incubator” idea where I put the dough in a glass bowl and cover it with a dish towel.  I then put the bowl in a insulated “igloo” style container along with glass bottles full of just-boiled water.  I shut up the container and cover it with blankets like so:PizzaDoughIncubator

I also find that by letting the dough sit a bit longer it rises better.  I prepare the dough a full 24-hours before I need it (so Thursday night.)

When the dough is ready we simply roll it out really thin, put it on a cookie dough sheet that’s been dusted with flour or on parchment paper (so it won’t stick) and then cover it with pizza dough sauce (which is less watery than pasta sauce so the crust cooks through) and toppings.  It cooks up in about 20-minutes at 500-degrees.  With pizza crust, apparently hotter is better, but 500 is as high as my oven gets.  Sometimes there is some leftover dough which I slather with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and walnuts for  an extra treat!  Yum…we always look forward to Fridays!  ;^)