Earthquake Preparedness Tips for Top 2 Causes of Injury

It can be difficult to start planning for emergencies because the risk seems so remote and the task seems so huge.  But if you break it up into small bits, it is totally doable.  Here are some quick and easy tips to help get you motivated to start doing some Earthquake Preparedness!!

The #1 cause of injury during an earthquake is from flying objects and debris (books, plates, glass, etc.)  So tip #1 is to pick a “safe place” for you to wait out an earthquake (pick one for your home and office if you work outside the home) and then make it as “flying object free” as possible.  For my family, our safe place is an interior hallway.  There are no glass windows or doors in this space and all of the artwork is also free of glass.  I also secure all of my glass-framed artwork in the house using special wall anchors (available here).  Tip #2 is to secure all cabinets with safety latches to minimize flying objects…especially in your kitchen!  People are always asking me why I have child safety latches on my upper cabinets, but it’s for earthquake prep, not for my child.

The #2 cause of injury during or after an earthquake is from fires sparked by gas leaks.  So tip #3 is DO NOT turn on any electrical switches until you are sure that you do not have a gas leak.  That small spark from a light switch can ignite a fire.  Keep glow sticks and flashlights handy for light.  Tip #4 is to get a gas meter shut-off tool (available here) and secure it to your meter so you know where it is at all times.  If you have a water heater, it is an excellent source of drinkable water provided it doesn’t get contaminated.  So tip #5 is to know how to turn off ALL your utilities (gas, electrical and water), because by turning off your water you will keep the water heater water safe for drinking.

Check out my short YouTube video on this topic where I demo all the products above!  And here is a link to my favorite earthquake prep pamphlet from the Los Angeles Fire Department.  Print this out and put one in all your cars and keep one at home and at work!

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