Easy Beautiful DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath

I love decorating my house in general, so of course the holidays are NOOOOOO different. For weeks now I’ve been holding on to an ad from Horchow of a wreath I adored.


I made my own and I like it even better than its inspiration…and it cost me less than $15 (for the red ribbon, wreath form and the letter “C” all purchased at Michael’s) and half of that was the letter. I already owned the acrylic craft paint and floral wire and the magnolia leaves were gathered from my local street.


It only took me about an hour to assemble the wreath. I cut 3-inch lengths of floral wire and wrapped it around the stems of bunches of 5-leaves at a time and then attached the bunches to the wire wreath form. In the bottom left picture you can see how I fasten the leaves so they are facing downward from the center (because you can’t fight gravity!) So instead of being a continuous loop of leaves, the leaves on the left face downwards and toward the left and same with the right. One other tip is to be sure to paint the leaves following the diagonal striations of the leaves. Notice how the gold leaf in front (bottom right picture) I’ve just globbed on the paint, but the ones behind it I’ve followed the diagonal and it looks really nice. I attached the gold leaves one by one with floral wire. I also turned random leaves over to show the brown side. It gives it a more casual, haphazard feel which suits the leaves since they start to curl and discolor with time.

Have fun and be a spark in the world!