The Adventures of Science Mom: fun with magnets

Came across this cool post when I was seeking to confirm that fishing for dropped batteries behind my washing machine with a magnet was safe (it is). My 5yo and I had a lot of fun doing it. Maybe I’ll have to drop some more batteries back there but on purpose this time! Be a spark!

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By the way, this great $20 magnet kit has become my go-to birthday party gift this year. I buy 2 or 3 at a time so I have them on hand.

You can get it here on Amazon

Great Gift for New Parents

In my opinion, memories are life’s most precious items, and none are more precious than those we create with our children. This lovely little journal, it’s about the size of a 1/4-piece of paper, gives you room to record 1-2 sentences each day over the course of 5-years.  I just started my second one for my child, and it was wonderful and interesting to see how she had changed over the years. I love to give this item as a gift to new parents, because it makes it easy to record the funny things kids say or do in a short and concise format!

You can buy the journals here in pink or blue. Be a spark in the world!

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Great Craft and Gift Idea: Book Safe

Looking for a fun unusual gift that you can easily make yourself in a single day?  Why not try your hand at making a book safe?  I followed the instructions from the hilariously named website The Art of Manliness (btw…this isn’t my first time on that site!)  The book safe I made was for my brother, so I went to my local library which has a “book store” and purchased a used spy novel for $1 (he likes the genre so the book safe will look at home on his shelf PLUS they are voluminous which makes for a nice size safe.)  Check out the finished product!  He absolutely loved the gift.