PUSH with Chalene Johnson

@ChaleneJohnson free course on goal mastery 30DayPush.com is a gold mine of new ideas.



I’ve read, watched and listened to a lot of experts in the fields of business, goal-setting and motivation, but I have to say that Chalene manages to put a new twist on many of these principles! And as a fellow mompreneur, she is very relate-able because her priorities are family first, business second.

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Lifelong learning is a vitally important aspect of my life. Because of this, I will take any class, read any book, listen to any seminar, and as long as I get one really good “nugget” out of it, I consider it a WIN. The truth is, EVERYONE has a “nugget” to share, however, the nugget you take away might be different from the nugget someone else takes away, which is why you have to take the WHOLE class, read the WHOLE book and listen to the WHOLE seminar…think of that time spent as the mining required for your nugget!!!



If you are looking for a new nugget, then look no further than Chalene Johnson’s free online goal mastery course 30DayPush.com .  She has some fantastic nuggets that will help you gain focus about your priorities and achieve your goals. A few of my favorites:

  1. Intrinsic vs. key priority: this was a completely new way of looking at priorities that I had never heard before. If you want to learn more, you’ll have to watch Day 2
  2. PUSH goal: Chalene explains that you have a one goal, your PUSH goal, that when reached will accomplish a number of other goals for you automatically. Focus on this goal.
  3. Write Goals Every Week: Chalene has you write your Top 10 goals every week WITHOUT looking at the previous week’s lists. The ones that you remember are obviously much more important to you than the ones that seem to change each week.

Check it out and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear what your favorite nuggets are in the comments section. I’ll definitely be added 30DayPush.com to my rotation of favorite books/programs/seminars that I revisit regularly. If something resonates with me on my first time through it, I will re-read/re-watch/re-listen to it at least 5-more-times so I can get ALL of the nuggets intended for me.



You can purchase the book version of PUSH on Amazon here. It dives deeper into the concepts of her online course, and also offers a huge bonus section on fitness and nutrition that is nowhere in the online course.

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Focus on the “Why”

“Begin with the end in mind.” -Stephen Covey

There is only one-way to become really proficient at something and that’s through practice/repetition (I’ll use the two words interchangeably.)  However, sometimes the thing you want and the skills required to be good at it are not the same thing.  I remember when I was learning to play piano; I did not appreciate the importance of learning my scales.  What I wanted was to be good enough to play real songs.  “Why do I have to do these D-U-M-B scales all the time,” I thought to myself when I was 6-years-old.  I didn’t understand that the scales were a necessary skill in order to achieve my goal of playing songs proficiently.  In fact, I didn’t even understand that practicing playing songs was necessary for me to become a good piano player.  I figured if I just took lessons long enough, I would learn to play.  No adult disabused me of this notion and so for 8-years I took piano lessons and almost never practiced in between.  Can I play the piano now?  Barely…definitely not at the level of someone who took 8-years of lessons!

On the other hand, growing up I absolutely loved math and would do problems just for fun.  I enjoyed everything about learning and doing math and because I enjoyed it, I would “practice” a lot and became very good and proficient at it.  However, this wasn’t hard for me to do because I loved the repetition so much.

But what do you do if you REALLY WANT to do something/achieve a goal, but DON’T ENJOY the practice/repetition required in order to be good at it?  You keep the “end in mind” as Mr. Covey points out, or as Jeff Olson says you “focus on your why.”  I’ve been very successful at doing this in areas of my life where I have an inherently strong “why.”  Health and wellness are so important to me that I am able to eat well and exercise regularly (despite the fact that I would love to eat pizza every day and just sit in a comfy chair and read all day long) so that I can have optimal health.  Over time I’ve even come to enjoy healthy eating and exercise…but I didn’t always!  But my “why” of optimum health was so strong that I was able to keep on track until I started liking it.

That’s the beauty of being human.  We are creatures of habit.  We just have to do the uncomfortable thing long enough until it becomes a habit and therefore becomes comfortable.  I have used this technique very successfully with improving my Spanish over the last year.  For years my Spanish skills have languished because I’ve simply been too embarrassed to practice with Spanish speakers.  But I have a strong “why” now (to teach it to my child and to live in Spain with my family) and over the last year the discomfort I used to feel has completely evaporated through repetition.  I’m not even really sure if my Spanish is improved that much in the last  year, but I am SO MUCH more comfortable speaking it, which means I do it more, which means I get a little better, which means I do it more, which means I get a little better…and so on and so on.

So don’t give up on a goal just because the process isn’t enjoyable, and also don’t think that the discomfort you feel means that the goal is unattainable!  Often to get something you want you need to get outside of your comfort zone to get it.  Most goals require growth on our part and growth can be uncomfortable.  But if you focus on your “why” and your desired outcome, you can motivate yourself to grow in ways you never thought possible!  To help motivate yourself, imagine what your life will be like once you’ve obtained your goal in as much juicy detail as possible and do this on a daily basis until it has come to pass.  Also, make progress towards your goal DAILY.  My Spanish improvement was done by just setting the goal of speaking it 5-minutes a day.  It was so doable and after a year of doing it, I feel like I’ve really accomplished what I set out to do.

To that end, I’m going to go hammer out some scales on that keyboard that’s been sitting idle too long.  Christmas 2014 is going to be the year I play some holiday songs for my family to sing-along to!  I am already imagining the fun we will all have as my hands dance across the keys of the piano at my parent’s house.  5-minutes a day…sometimes that’s all it takes!

Progress IS Success

Many many years ago I was feeling down.  Maybe depressed is the right word, but I hesitate to use that word because honestly, the memory is so foggy now.  At the time I was fortunate enough to have a very wise doctor (he was my internist) and out of the blue he asked me about my dreams (or maybe it wasn’t out of the blue, as I said…this was a long time ago.)

I  told him that it was funny that he asked because at the time I’d been having some very strange and vivid dreams and they all involved Tom Cruise.  I explained that to my doctor that part of what was strange about my dreams was that I don’t even like Tom Cruise.  “What does Tom Cruise symbolize to you,” he asked.  Well that was easy.  “He symbolizes success,” I replied.  “And is success something that you are concerned with right now,” he asked.  And I told him that yes, I had been feeling as though I had been spinning my wheels for years without getting anywhere.  He asked me what my goals were, I told him and he said, “wow, those are big goals.”  And then he said the words that I will never forget.  He said, “I think your problem is that you are only measuring success as the attainment of your  goals, but your goals are really big and are likely going to take many years to accomplish.  What if you chop up your large goal into little goals so that you can see your progress and you can celebrate the achievement of those smaller goals on the way to your large goals.”  HELLO LIGHTBULB!  It was a life-altering moment.  His words completely (and permanently) changed my perspective.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that success has only been achieved when you’ve attained a goal, but if you measure your success by the progress that you make towards your goal, then everyday is successful!  Life (and goals) are a journey, not a destination.  Celebrate the progress that you make and know that PROGRESS IS SUCCESS.