Simple Math

I’ll confess…I’m a little embarrassed about this post because now that I’ve GROK-ed* this lesson it seems SO obvious to me.  However, given the issue many of us have with weight management, I figured that someone might benefit from my lesson learned which is why I’m writing it.

Weight gain is simple math: eat more calories than you use and you will gain weight.  I finally learned this simple lesson about 6-months ago when my child was a little over 2.  I was having trouble shedding the last of my pregnancy weight and I didn’t understand why since I was eating the same amount of food I ate pre-pregnancy.  Then it hit me: before I had my baby I exercised about 4-5 times a week for a minimum of an hour.  I now exercise only twice a week and once is for 20-minutes and the other time for 90-minutes (my once-a-week yoga class.)  I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized that while my calorie INTAKE was the same as my pre-pregnancy person, my calories EXPENDED was substantially less.  So I lowered my calorie intake, because exercising more is simply not a reality for me right now, and the last of the baby weight fell right off.  (This is where I hit my head with the palm of my hand at the obviousness of this realization.)

I’m not sure why it took me so long to learn this lesson, I mean, I’m not bad at math and I’m not illogical.  I’m guessing that it was a combination of the fact that we are creatures of habit (“but this is how I’ve always eaten and I never gained weight before…”) combined with the fact that it can be easy to ignore lessons that we don’t want to learn (“you mean I can’t dessert every night?”)  Well, I’m glad that the lesson I didn’t want to learn has finally sunk in.  My head isn’t obtusely thick after all…


*Grok: an INCREDIBLY sci-fi nerdy word created by author Michael Heinlein in his book “Stranger in a Strange Land” which means both “to drink” and “to know” in his mad-up language.  However, when you grok knowledge, it means that you know it so well that you’ve incorporated it into your person.  I love this word.