DIY Upcycled Holiday Decor

Every year I like to craft something for our home for the holidays. Last year I made an easy and magnificent magnolia leaf wreath that looks so pretty dry (pics below), I was able to reuse it this year. So this year I had a new project: gift-wrapped presents for the front porch.

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  This project was SO easy. I literally spent $0 on it. All I did was take some wooden wine crates and painted them with a high gloss (very important because wrapping paper is shiny) acrylic craft paint (purchased at Michael’s). My 5yo helped me with the painting. We did need to use 2-coats of paint to get full coverage on the wood. I then reused some pieces of ribbon collected from past present-giving/receiving and VOILA, beautiful statement-making decor for the front porch. ONE KEY TIP: you have to make at least 3-of these to create a nice presentation. This is a general principle of design. If your porch is larger than mine you might want to do 5 or 7, but keep the numbers odd, it will give your display a more natural look.

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 One caveat: if you live somewhere with a lot of precipitation, make sure decor like this is covered by an overhang!! 

To find empty wine crates, call a wine store near you. Where I live they can be found for free or for a few dollars apiece. I have about 10 in my garage left over from my days of owning a store, and wine crates are up there with duct tape and binder clips in terms of my belief that you can do just abuot anything with them. I’ve used them for everything from gift boxes (throw in a bottle of wine and some glasses for a chic housewarming gift), to book shelves, to stools to speaker boxes. 

Enjoy and be a spark in the world!

BTW here are pics of the magnolia leaf wreath when it was fresh and this year dry. 

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Fun Easy Halloween Decor

I love to “craft”, but I consider myself a lazy crafter. I’m definitely not a perfectionist, and I like projects to be on the short side. However, I still find it incredibly satisfying to make things from scratch. Here are some ideas for a few Halloween projects I did around the house. I did all this in less than an hour, and most of that time was spent waiting for the paint to dry on the tomb! Also, I was able to do these crafts with everyday items we already owned: a random cardboard box, a bit of finger paint and random paper. These homemade touches added some fun energy to the store-bought decor, and my child enjoyed helping me! Happy decorating!