Winter Cold Tip

Four Thieves is a must have in your medicine cabinet. I diffuse it in our house and put it on our feet, and have seen a significant decrease in colds in our home and in recovery time from any illness. 

This link takes you to the one I purchase on Amazon.

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The first time I smelled Four Thieves essential oil blend, I was transported to my dad’s dental office because it smells exactly like what he would swab in people’s mouths (often said to be the dirtiest place on our bodies). Well it turns out I was right! Every company’s Four Thieves is slightly different, but they all have clove, cinnamon and a citrus oil in them.
It’s called four thieves because it was used by thieves who pillaged graves during the Bubonic Plague and (apparently) protected then from said plague!

There are lots of brands on Amazon, but this is the one I purchase.

And here is my favorite ultrasonic diffuser. It can run for 10-hours straight and has an ultra fine mist so the surrounding furniture never feels damp. The colored light has about 15-options including OFF which is my favorite. 

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Earth Clinic: a great resource for home remedies and “alternative” medicine

Love this site for “alternative” medicine information.  I especially like all the “crowd-sourcing” info if you scroll down the page (all the “yeas” and “nays” and people’s experience with the suggested remedies.)  I’m pasting the link for UTI information which I researched for my little one when she was about 1-1/2 years old.  Although I loved the idea of Apple Cider Vinegar (77-yeas), I figured my chances were slim to none in getting her to drink it!  So I went with D-Manoose (15-yeas) and it worked like a charm!  Thanks Earth Clinic!