Flamethrower: Bucky Fuller

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a little bit about my favorite flamethrower: Bucky Fuller (July 12, 1895 – July 1, 1983)

“Love is metaphysical gravity.”  ~Bucky Fuller

R. Buckminster Fuller was an American inventor, futurist and humanitarian who referred to himself as “Guinea Pig B” because he treated his life as an on-going experiment in his quest to improve the lives of humans everywhere.  He is most famous for perfecting the geodesic dome (like the big white one at Disney World’s Epcot Center), and was awarded 28-patents, wrote 28-books and given 47-honorary-degrees.

However, life was not all awards and sunshine for Bucky (as he preferred to be called).  At 27 he lost a child to complications from polio and blamed himself for her death.  By the age of 32 he had lost his job, gone bankrupt, was suffering from depression and was contemplating suicide.  The drive that pulled him out of this dark period of his life was his desire to investigate what contribution a single individual could make to changing the world.

Although Bucky did many amazing things in his life, perhaps his greatest achievement has been his continued ability to inspire people, long after his death, with his courageous example.  Because of this, his influence will be felt for generations to come.  He was a rock thrown in a pond, and his ripples have been many.  Thanks Bucky for being a flamethrower!

The Buckminster Fuller Institute