Easy Earring Organization Hack

When my daughter started playing with my bowl of earrings I needed an earring organization option that would move my jewelry out of her reach ASAP. 

So I ran to my “miscellaneous hardware” box and found a random length of chain. Then I grabbed some aluminum/steel push pins, which I use instead of nails for everything from hanging artwork to having a handy place to hangup my dog’s leash, and simply hammered the chain into my closet wall. 

I had my closet lined with wood for easy hardware installation so you might have to use drywall anchors and screws, etc, if you can’t find a stud to hammer into. 
I’ve loved the ease this hack has allowed me of visually taking in all my earrings at once so much that it’s become a permanent part of my closet. I also love the industrial/creative look. It’s not fancy but it works brilliantly and cost $0 which are always signs of a good hack.