PUSH with Chalene Johnson

@ChaleneJohnson free course on goal mastery 30DayPush.com is a gold mine of new ideas.



I’ve read, watched and listened to a lot of experts in the fields of business, goal-setting and motivation, but I have to say that Chalene manages to put a new twist on many of these principles! And as a fellow mompreneur, she is very relate-able because her priorities are family first, business second.

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Lifelong learning is a vitally important aspect of my life. Because of this, I will take any class, read any book, listen to any seminar, and as long as I get one really good “nugget” out of it, I consider it a WIN. The truth is, EVERYONE has a “nugget” to share, however, the nugget you take away might be different from the nugget someone else takes away, which is why you have to take the WHOLE class, read the WHOLE book and listen to the WHOLE seminar…think of that time spent as the mining required for your nugget!!!



If you are looking for a new nugget, then look no further than Chalene Johnson’s free online goal mastery course 30DayPush.com .  She has some fantastic nuggets that will help you gain focus about your priorities and achieve your goals. A few of my favorites:

  1. Intrinsic vs. key priority: this was a completely new way of looking at priorities that I had never heard before. If you want to learn more, you’ll have to watch Day 2
  2. PUSH goal: Chalene explains that you have a one goal, your PUSH goal, that when reached will accomplish a number of other goals for you automatically. Focus on this goal.
  3. Write Goals Every Week: Chalene has you write your Top 10 goals every week WITHOUT looking at the previous week’s lists. The ones that you remember are obviously much more important to you than the ones that seem to change each week.

Check it out and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear what your favorite nuggets are in the comments section. I’ll definitely be added 30DayPush.com to my rotation of favorite books/programs/seminars that I revisit regularly. If something resonates with me on my first time through it, I will re-read/re-watch/re-listen to it at least 5-more-times so I can get ALL of the nuggets intended for me.



You can purchase the book version of PUSH on Amazon here. It dives deeper into the concepts of her online course, and also offers a huge bonus section on fitness and nutrition that is nowhere in the online course.

Be sure to “FOLLOW” my blog with the links at the bottom of the page (mobile) or on the right-hand side (desktop).