Flowing Top + Skinny Jeans + Fun Flats = My Mom Entrepreneur Uniform I

I like fashion.  Notice I say “like” and not “love” (I’m no Carrie Bradshaw!)  And my idea of fashion is not what XYZ magazine says I should be wearing, but simply choosing clothes and accessories as a form of self-expression.  However, as the mom of a toddler it can be IMMENSELY tempting to go out of the house in the same clothes we wore to walk the dog; but as an entrepreneur, I never know when I’m going to meet a business contact or need to “talk shop.” Therefore, I have one simple fashion “rule” for myself that ensures I can be presentable in public AND chase after my little one: if I would wear it to exercise in or do chores around the house, then I’m not allowed to leave the house in it.

This simple rule allows me to go to the zoo, the grocery store or a lunch meeting (my toddler is with me 99% of the time) and still be a mom and an entrepreneur.  Fortunately for me I don’t have to dress “professionally”, so I’m still able to have a little fun and be comfortable in my “uniforms.”  What I find myself wearing most right now is a flowing top, skinny jeans and fun flats. This outfit works because the flowing top offsets the fitted style of the jeans.  And one of the things I love most about skinny jeans is since they are tight at the ankles you can just roll them under and adjust their length without sewing.  All of the jeans shown below are from Gap, which is great since my jeans get thrashed between going down slides and kneeling in the sand.  Click on image for more details about where I got the items (a number of which I purchased second-hand.)


Do you have a mom (or dad) uniform?  What’s it look like?  I’d love to see pictures.  Send them to: OnFire@EmberLiving.com and I’ll post the best ones here!