Original + Funny + Profound = My favorite type of art

The combination of art that is original and funny AND profound is my absolute fave. I love to laugh and think and be surprised all at the same time.  Some of my favorite thought-provoking humor includes:

HOW TO PUT ON YOUR FACE by Anna Akana: change your look (and outlook) with this short video.

PLAGUES AND PLEASURES ON THE SALTON SEA by Jeff Springer and Chris Metzler: a journey through the bizarre world and history of this SoCal environmental accident.  Narrated by John Waters.

TIG NOTARO on NPR: Comedian Notaro talks about the challenging point in her life when she was diagnosed with cancer, her mother passed away and her girlfriend broke up with her. You will life WHILE you cry.

THE SILVER CLOUD CAFE by ALFREDO VEA: if you like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and literature in that supernatural/surrealist genre, then you’ll love this book by a former truck driver turned lawyer turned author.