AVOID These Products with Plastic Microbeads

I am very concerned about the presence of plastic microbeads in toothpaste, face and body products. Check out my previous posts to learn more about this serious issue that is contaminating fisheries in Maine.  I wrote this one about toothpaste and this one about face and body products. Be sure to avoid ANY PRODUCT that lists POLYETHYLENE as an ingredient. Here is a list of some products that contain the microbeads: http://onepercentfortheplanet.org/2014/10/a-list-of-products-that-contain-plastic-microbeads/\








JUST SAY NO to microplastics in bath and beauty products

I guess I’ve been living in my own little eco-bubble because I honestly did not know this was an issue. Thanks to my friend Joellen who brought this to my attention. Apparently a lot of not environmentally sensitive companies use microplastics in their bath and beauty products as “gentle exfoliants” without thought for the fact that petroleum-based plastics are not “biodegradable”. These microplastics do not break down into basic elements such as carbon or oxygen. Instead, they break-down into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic until you end up with the plastic soup that our oceans are rapidly becoming.

Hence this news article about the state of Maine looking to ban plastic microbeads because they are going down the shower drains and into the ocean and ending up in the tummies of their fish and then in the tummies of their citizens.


As I mentioned, I had no idea companies were even using these “microbeads” as they are call.  However there is a whole campaign around them called “Ban the Bead.”  You can sign the petition here.

There are great lots of great eco-options out there. Two I like use beads made out of jojoba oil wax so they are smooth as I imagine the plastic microbeads are.  I personally combine the Purity of Elements scrub with my Clarisonic and REALLY like the results (here I am with no make-up on!)

-100% Pure Carrot Facial Scrub for purchase on Amazon

-Purity of Elements Daily Detoxifying Cleanser for purchase on their website

Two other options if you aren’t using a Clarisonic OR if you are looking for a body scrub.

Accure Organics Argan Stem Cell + Chlorella Growth Factor Brightening Facial Scrub for purchase on Amazon

Adama Minerals Facescrub for purchase on Amazon

There are also a variety of scrubs made from SALT or SUGAR, but I don’t personally care for how those feel.  I find many of them too oily. Whatever the case, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the switch and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Otherwise we could be standing on beaches of microbeads instead of sand in the not too distant future.