Best Water Toy Ever: Cellulose Sponges

There is NOTHING like a good water fight when the weather is hot, and water balloons are fun but ephemeral, and water guns seems to be made SO CHEAPLY nowadays, so I was looking for something that would be fun and reusable. I hit across the very simple and fun idea of cellulose sponges. They are so much fun to throw at people because they carry a satisfying amount of water with them and they aren’t painful when you get hit with them. I have about 14-of them in the pool at any given time, and people young and old love a good water fight! The nice thing about sponges is there is a “give and take” with the game. You might get a sponge thrown at you, but then you have ammo to throw it back, unlike water balloons or water gun. These are the sponges I use.


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Last summer I had a friend from Italy visiting and he keeps emailing me that he “can’t wait to return to your pool for another sponge fight!” Even my 80+-year-old father had a blast with them. When they start falling apart you can just throw them in your garden as fertilizer or in your green compost bin if your city offers them. I find a pack of sponges lasts me at least one but maybe two summers.

You can buy the type of sponges I use here.  These are also great if you don’t have a pool and just get some buckets of water and sponges together!!! Relief and fun on a hot summer day!

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Berry Delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches

The past couple of weekends I’ve made the easiest dessert ever and they’ve been a huge hit with everyone,  I’ve always loved ice cream sandwiches, but this is a fun and fruity take on the traditional chocolate/vanilla combo we all know. Very refreshing on these hot summer days, and I love working with blueberries and strawberries this time of year because it brings a patriotic festiveness to the summer holidays! These desserts are super easy to make and can be made as far as a week in advance as long as you wrap them up well.

Soften vanilla ice cream by stirring in a bowl or with a mixer (dairy or nondairy…your preference), when ice cream has softened add strawberries and when well blended add frozen blueberries and mix in (not too much or the ice cream changes to purple instead of the “red, white and blue” you are shooting for, spread between two graham crackers (I like #Traderjoes extra thick ones, easy to work with) and then wrap in wax paper and freeze until you serve. Work fast because as the ice cream melts it can make the crackers soggy! Enjoy!

1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream

1 bag frozen blueberries

1 bag frozen strawberries chopped (otherwise they are too big!)

60 half-size graham crackers

(These amounts make about 30-desserts. I always buy organic whenever possible.)