Brilliant Kid’s Kitchen Concept

This brilliant product is a chair slipcover/ kid’s stovetop! This product sparks SO  MANY ideas in my crafter’s mind.  For those who are sewers you could make this from scratch, but for a lazy crafter like me, I would buy a ready made slipcover and then use crafting felt and hot glue to add all of the details. You could buy 3-4 slipcovers and use one for a stovetop, one for a refrigerator, one for a dishwasher, and one for counter/prep space.  This is a great space-saving idea if you don’t have the space to have a dedicated kid’s kitchen, all you need are 2-4 dining chairs to make this work, and when your little one is done playing you can fold it up and put it away.  Love it! I found some great $9 slipcovers here.