Progress IS Success

Many many years ago I was feeling down.  Maybe depressed is the right word, but I hesitate to use that word because honestly, the memory is so foggy now.  At the time I was fortunate enough to have a very wise doctor (he was my internist) and out of the blue he asked me about my dreams (or maybe it wasn’t out of the blue, as I said…this was a long time ago.)

I  told him that it was funny that he asked because at the time I’d been having some very strange and vivid dreams and they all involved Tom Cruise.  I explained that to my doctor that part of what was strange about my dreams was that I don’t even like Tom Cruise.  “What does Tom Cruise symbolize to you,” he asked.  Well that was easy.  “He symbolizes success,” I replied.  “And is success something that you are concerned with right now,” he asked.  And I told him that yes, I had been feeling as though I had been spinning my wheels for years without getting anywhere.  He asked me what my goals were, I told him and he said, “wow, those are big goals.”  And then he said the words that I will never forget.  He said, “I think your problem is that you are only measuring success as the attainment of your  goals, but your goals are really big and are likely going to take many years to accomplish.  What if you chop up your large goal into little goals so that you can see your progress and you can celebrate the achievement of those smaller goals on the way to your large goals.”  HELLO LIGHTBULB!  It was a life-altering moment.  His words completely (and permanently) changed my perspective.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that success has only been achieved when you’ve attained a goal, but if you measure your success by the progress that you make towards your goal, then everyday is successful!  Life (and goals) are a journey, not a destination.  Celebrate the progress that you make and know that PROGRESS IS SUCCESS.