Commit to Not Buying Crap

This is an easy way to be live greener AND it works in your favor! Stop buying crappy products. You know what I’m talking about right? The cordless phone that works for a few years and then dies, the television that seems to hum even though its pretty new.

My husband and I bought a cordless phone when we moved into our house….less than 4-years later it was dead. When I found out from the manufacturer that it could not be repaired or recycled, we decided not to replace it. We already owned a true landline phone and even though it is at least 20-years old it still works perfectly (NOW THAT’S QUALITY!) Swe decided “why not stick with what works” and not waste another $70 bucks on a product that would be e-trash in another few years.

The old landline is still holding its own, and we haven’t missed the cordless phones (or voicemail…since it was our answering machine too) at all. It’s been almost two years now and I haven’t even noticed. I’m looking forward to our 4-year old TV dying…it’s been humming for about a year and a half now. We’ve decided not to replace it when it goes. In the future, we’re only buying electrical products that have some sort of multi-year warranty (if the manufacturer offers a warranty it’s only because they believe it WON’T break in that time) or can be repaired. Ironically, my 11-inch TV that I’ve had since my freshman year of undergrad still works perfectly…go figure!

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