My Blog’s Reason for Existence (aka: the mission statement)

Howdy. This is my second blog. This is the blog where I have fun and let loose. I started it because after having my baby I didn’t have time to troll the thrift stores the way I used to, so I turned my high style/low budget/desire to reuse and reduce to EBAY. Although I had purchased some clothes from there in the past, I now truly harnessed the awesomeness that is the EBAY search engine. This past summer I had two family weddings AND a one-year-old AND a body that still didn’t fit into my own clothes.

For the first wedding I wanted to wear purple because my baby had a purple outfit, and I needed linen because it was summer in a humid place. I would have spent HOURS AND HOURS looking for this dress in thrift stores, but with the beauty of EBAY I instantly had many options before me and I found a FANTASTIC Max Studio dress that I wore many times besides the wedding. For the second wedding I wanted something silk and floral because it was in Hawaii and I found a BEAUTIFUL Tracy Resse dress that fit the bill. Both dresses were under $25!!! THIS week I SCORED on a hot red linen sheath with purple detail that was only $4. I couldn’t believe it…$4!!!!

And thus was born the inspiration for this blog: high fashion at low (or no) cost. I’m going to use ebay to style outfits that I love and give you the search words to help you find similar items…all while maintaining a chic, stylish look that is high-quality without being high-cost.

Let’s see how this goes…giddy up horsey…