Something old, Something new…

I’m a firm believer that aesthetics and function are always compatible. Although one may not be able to explain what makes a design pleasing, good design is something most people will be able to say they “know it when they see it.” Even the most utilitarian of designs can be beautiful, such as the bridges of Calatrava, or the timeless Picardie juice glass by Duralex, or the copper water fountains of Portland, Oregon.  I’ve even admired the occasional parking garage or office elevator! I work constantly to infuse aesthetics into the function of my daily life because it brings me both joy and calm.  There is something serene about a well-composed scene.

I recently exercised this practice with my nightstand and crated this tableau.  The definition of a tableau is a “picturesque grouping of people or objects,” and the best tableaux tell a story, as this one does for me. The Lane imagenightstand that I found when shopping for a client, but they needed two of them so I was able to score this single one for myself. The blue bottle masquerading as a vase takes me back to one of the best meals I’ve ever had and an unforgettable trip. The candle reminds me of the thoughtfulness of a friend, and the Eiffel tower lamp of the prescience of my husband. The small dish is all about family, dim-sum and my “smaht” first cousin. The roses are from bushes I planted myself over a decade ago, and have nurtured these many years since. The most recent addition to this arrangement, and the piece that really “completed it,” is the small vintage Lucite wind-up alarm clock. Its persistent and reliable tick-tock remind me of the beauty that is inherent in a well-made object.

This tableau is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before dozing off, and it always brings a smile to my face. Isn’t that a goal worth striving for? Sparkle hard!

#LiveHappy #EmberLiving #SparkleHard